Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social site in modern era. It is helping to increase interaction between people of far distance that makes closer. But the misuse of these social sites is also increasing days after days with its popularity. Facebook is used as a medium to annoying someone making them irritating.
If you also have same problem like some people you don’t like annoying you and you want to get rid of that then there is a Facebook features that help you out. That one of special features is blocking someone on Facebook.
How to Block Someone on Facebook -- Block someone final confim
Block user

You don’t need to worry any more if you are constantly being annoyed by someone. Now, let’s begin to know how to block someone on Facebook. Blocking someone on Facebook will help to hide everything about you on their profile unless and until you unblock them. So, lets follow some steps to block someone on Facebook.

Block Someone on Facebook from Mobile

Before you begin the steps to block someone on Facebook you should have a smart phone with Facebook app, Internet connection and you have to log in to your account from where you wish to block someone.
Step One: Go to ‘Setting and Privacy’ from Menu (three parallel lines) on top left below Messenger logo. Then on ‘Setting’ in the first option after dropdown.
How to Block Someone on Facebook -- setting
Go to setting to block someone on Facebook

Step Two: In the setting you have to go on ‘Privacy’ section on which you should click on ‘Blocking’.
How to Block Someone on Facebook-- blocking setting
Blocking someone on Facebook from Blocking Section in the setting

Step Three: You can enter the name of one to whom you like to block on clicking ‘Add to Blocked List’. There shows list of people with that name and you have to confirm to whom you are going to block matching with the profile picture. As there are many people with the same name.
Step Four: At the end you have to make final confirm by clicking ‘Block’ Button.
How to Block Someone on Facebook-- block user final confirm
Confirm user blocking someone on Facebook

Block Someone in Facebook from your PC

Login to Facebook through its official site: https://www.facebook.com and follow following steps:
Step One: Go to the setting and then go on ‘Blocking’ sections.
How to Block Someone on Facebook-- go to setting
Go to Blocking section of setting to block someone on Facebook

Step Two: You can manage Blocking in your account in ‘Blocking’ section. For now to block an individual you have to go to 'Block users' category.
How to Block Someone on Facebook-- enter user whom you want to block
Block someone you want to block

Step Three: Enter the people name you want to block in ‘Block user’ section and click on ‘Block’ and select the particular person with the profile picture as other may also have same name.
How to Block Someone on Facebook-- select the person with profile picture
Select particular person you want to block on Facebook

Step Four: You have to give final confirmation at the end stage of blocking someone on Facebook. You can click ‘Block ‘someone’s name’’ button. (Figure in the top)

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