Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How to deactivate Facebook Account

Sometimes user no longer wants to get close to their social sites, sometimes you may also have come up with same feeling and you like to be far from social media specially lets take Facebook. First of all you should be aware that you can deactivate your facebook profile. Then, you can do this which gives a way that nobody find you anywhere in facebook but you can also activated when you like to get back to it.
For that you have to deactivate the facebook account. Deactivating a facebook accounts makes you invisible in facebook. Noone would find out you in facebook, not your profile, it's like you are no longer a facebook users.
How to deactivate your Facebook Account? - Deactivate confirm

Benefits of Deactivating Facbook Accounts

Benefits can be summarized as:
  • You won't be disturbed continuously while doing the works that needs your full attention. 
  • You won't get tagged on any post and mentioned you in unnecessary post if you are no longer using your facebook. 
  • This would help you completly erase your every personnel data from facebook to get access to others if you wish no longer to display but wants to received back when you wished to extract.

How to deactivate Facebook Account?

To deactivating your facebook account you need to follow the steps given below. The steps goes like this:
  • First of all, you need to log in the facebook account either with your email id or mobile number that you wants to deactivate in your browser. If you have already loged in just open it on your browsing tab. 
    How to deactivate Facebook Account - go to setting
    Go to setting
  • Now, you need to click on dropdown arrow in the left side of the navigation bar. And then click on 'Setting' options. From where you are shown new pages where you have to go to 'General' setting section of which on "Manage Account".
  • There you can see the list of general setting options from them select "Manage Account" option to Deactivate your account. There is 'Edit' on the left side of the 'Manage account' bar on which you have to click.
    How to deactivate Facebook Account-- manage account
    Manage your facebook account
  • While you are entering into this "Manage Account" Section you have to re-enter your password. Then you have to click on Continue button.
    How to deactivate Facebook Account-- reenter your password
    Re-enter your password
  • There shows a link to deactivate your account with the statement stating what actually deactivating your account mean to the users like it says deactivating your account would disable your profile and remove your name and photo you have shared in facebook since you have opened. And also clearlify some information may still be visible to others like your name you share in the friend list in your messages you sent.
  • When you are confirm you are going to 'Deactivate Your Account' you have to click on the link to "Deactivate your account".
    How to deactivate Facebook Account-- deactivate link
    Deactivate your facebook account
  • When you click on that link then you have to fill up reason behind your deactivation of your facebook account. There are options you can select one of them or you can clearify in details clicking on others. Then click on "Deactivate" button below.
    How to deactivate Facebook Account-- Reason for leaving
    Reason for leaving

    How to deactivate Facebook Account-- deactivate facebook account
    Deactivate facebook account
  • When you have done click on "Deactivate" then you get a pop up for your final confirmation where you have to click on "Deactivate Now" button. Then your work is done. (Figure at the top)
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